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Unlock the power of mindful movement.

Optimizing your health starts with a conscious understanding of how you move.

Why choose MB-MM?

We give you the tools to improve your life through movement.

With the right knowledge, you can take your health to the next level and improve the way you move and feel.

Recover better.

If you’re experiencing pain, recovering from injury, or in a pathway of decline, we can help you make the move to better health.

Perform better.

If you’re ready to take your performance to the next level, we can empower you to unlock your movement potential.

Feel better.

If you’re interested in improving your health, we can help you learn how to move towards change by changing the way you move.

The core of MB-MM

Mindful movement
is the key to living
a better life.

We provide personalized and comprehensive pathways to help people unlock their lifelong movement potential.

A program as unique as you.

We offer a personalized pathway centered on each individual’s unique movement profile, limitations, and goals.

Here for life.

We understand that things happen throughout life, so we evolve with you as you live it.

Your guide to understanding movement.

Optimizing your health starts with a conscious comprehension of how you move.

Our program guides you through understanding your body’s movements from the basics and beyond.

The MB-MM Program

A process rooted in science-based outcomes.

Without incorporating mindful movement, more exercise or activity may actually leave you with less — less enjoyment, less progress, and less potential. Through our unique movement-based process grounded in science, we can help address the habits holding you back so, you can develop habits that propel you forward.

Movement Assessment

Before we create your customized program, our performance movement specialists conduct a thorough medical-grade movement assessment of your health.

This assessment identifies limitations and life challenges that we can help you address as well as the goals we can help you reach.

Personalized Path to Success

Once we have assessed your health, our specialists will work with you to develop a customized Movement Advanced Pathway® (MAP) tailored just for you.

Your MAP includes daily active practices that will teach you how to gain the balance, resiliency, efficiency, and effectiveness needed to keep moving right along.

Lifelong Professional Coaching

Our program provides you professional coaching that evolves with you throughout your life. Specialists work alongside you, providing follow-up sessions, ongoing assessments, and movement-based interventions to help you own your movement.

Access to

MB-MM provides Foundational Integrative Training (FIT) movement classes. Our four supportive, progressive, energizing, and challenging practices (BaseFIT, CoreFIT, StrengthFIT, and BalanceFIT) are designed to improve all aspects of your movement.


With the right tools, you can change anything.

At MB-MM, we believe in transformational life change and are deeply devoted to improving the health of our clients on a personalized basis through mindful movement.

Our passion is reinforced by our outcomes.
Living in pain had become normal for me. Thanks to the Move Better – Move More® comprehensive explanations, I was able to understand the root cause of my problem. Now, while I work, walk, and even sleep, I do my best to remain conscious of how my body is adjusted in order to prevent discomfort. The basics will always stay with me and, slowly but surely, the results speak for themselves.
Milenka Rubio
Daily Mover | Age 26
This program NEEDS to be disseminated to other physical therapists, athletes, weekend warriors, middle age average people, and so many others so that the Move Better – Move More® theory of movement can facilitate a positive change in every day functional movement, but can also act as a base to rehabilitating an injury, preventing injuries, and improving athlete performance.
Suzanne Sherman Horton
Professional Mover | Age 52
I run for fun, not for competition. During a run, I had to stop due to a striking pain in the hamstring. My specialist taught me to pay attention to even the slightest discomfort, ask questions, and seek help. I have become more aware of my body’s movements and ways that I need to adjust them for long-term success.
Jeffrey McClintock
Avid Runner | Age 50

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The future of health is in mindful movement.

MB-MM is currently in development. If you're interested in learning more, we'd love to hear from you as we finalize our programs.
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